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Title: I Can Hear You
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters: Alex, Izzie, Meredith, Cristina (mentions of George)
Word Count: 2000
Rating: PG-13
Summary: For [livejournal.com profile] rorylie as part of what I owe her over at [livejournal.com profile] fandomaid. A future fic that was meant to be cracky but I'm not entirely convinced actually is AT ALL. It's been seventeen years since they were all in the same room together...
Disclaimer: At my user info. page. Title and cut text from “Louder Than Ever”, Cold War Kids.
Author's Note: THANK YOU to [livejournal.com profile] leobrat for the beta! And to [livejournal.com profile] rorylie for the premise, even though she didn't mean it at the time!

Whisper to me, help me remember... )
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Title: So Let Me Say Before We Part
Characters/Pairings: Izzie (Izzie/Alex)
Word Count: 520
Rating: PG
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] softly_me. "You’ll be with me, like a hand print on my heart..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here.

A release of sorts... )

Title: I Swallow The Sound And It Swallows Me Whole
Characters/Pairings: Lexie/April
Word Count: 380
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] violet1979. "You tell anyone who'll listen but you feel ignored. Nothing's really making any sense at all..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here.

The first time, it's messy... )

Title: Sweet Dreams All Covered In Rust
Characters/Pairings: Alex/Cristina
Word Count: 720
Rating: R
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] nursebadass. "You'll never be enough..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here.

It all matters little in the end... )

Title: This Day Deserves A Truly Sordid End
Characters/Pairings: Alex/Addison
Word Count: 1030
Rating: R
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] devylish. "The princess and the pauper..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here and here.

His apartment is empty. Quite literally empty. )
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Title: To Whom Do These Bones Belong?
Characters/Pairing: Mark/Alex
Word Count: 875
Rating: R
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] amelia_17. "You're going to be begging me by the end of the night..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here and here

Til death do us part, and all that crap... )

Title: Pat Me On The Back When You're Able
Characters/Pairing: Alex + Cristina
Word Count: 270
Rating: PG
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] lving_darkness. "We're all a little bit crooked when you tilt your head..."
Author's Note: Originally posted here

A silent validation... )
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Title: It's Your Bones That Shatter
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters: Alex (/April and Amber and Aaron. Seriously!)
Word Count: 3300
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Snowed in for [livejournal.com profile] richyl88 at [livejournal.com profile] writing4acause
Summary: An unintentional home-coming of sorts as an organ harvest sees them fly in to Iowa... This is set approximately 15 months post season six finale.
Disclaimer: At my user info. page.
Author's Note: Huge thank yous to my betas, [livejournal.com profile] kaitybear and [livejournal.com profile] leobrat. Any remaining mistakes are totally theirs...!! Title and cut text from Jump Into The Fog, The Wombats.

It's clear you feel nothing so jump into the fog with me... )
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Title: I'm All Out For The War
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Damon and Katherine (and Elena)
Word Count: 2200
Rating: R (violence and imagery)
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] cassiehayes. Cause I built you a home in my heart, with rotten wood, it decayed from the start. Cause you can't find nothing at all, if there was nothing there all along.
Warning: Major character death
Spoilers: None
Summary: He hesitates. She doesn't.
Thank you: [livejournal.com profile] miss_blanche

I guess love wasn't what I'm looking for... )
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Title: See You Later, Baby See You Later
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Katherine (/Damon)
Word Count: 750
Rating: R
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] opheliahyde. If I could love, I'd love you, if I could love like anybody else. I know what I am, I'm your villain. I don't give a damn if I'm your villain. Also, commiseration fic for [livejournal.com profile] miss_blanche. She knows why...
Spoilers: This starts pre vamp!Damon and moves through to The Return.
Author's Note: Prompt, title and cut text from I'm Your Villain, Franz Ferdinand.

If I could love, I'd love you... )
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Title: Now Shall I Sleep In A Bed Of Blood
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Character/s: Damon (and Elena)
Word Count: 1500
Rating: PG
Summary: A coda to the end of The Descent. What didn't happen next...
Author's Note: For [livejournal.com profile] miss_blanche, who also provided the beta-ing services, so any mistakes are totally hers!! (j/k) and [livejournal.com profile] abvj (especially the end part!). Title and cut text from Dark Storm, The Jezebels.

How you rip me off my feet, rape me of my time to sleep, shallow... )
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Title: Riding The Space Between You and Me
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters/Pairings: Alex and April
Word Count: 3600
Rating: PG
Prompt: New year's resolutions. Cookies.
Summary: OMGBLIZZARD FIC meets OMGBLACKOUT FIC meets OMGKNIFEWEILDINGCRAZYPERSON FIC! (Heee!) Also, I was determined not to make you cry with this one because it's from Santa! (So, if it's cheesy and gross I am SO sorry!).
Author's Note: Pinch-hit Secret Santa fic for [livejournal.com profile] rorylie. Do not even ask me how I managed to get this written! I SO hope you like it (and, in light of the current craziness over this way, understand why it's kinda probably no where near what you wanted!). Title from “Trains”, Kyu.

The power finally gave up completely about fifteen minutes ago... )
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Title: No Time To Tell You How Much We Lost
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairings: Ensemble cast (implied pairings: S/E, exC/T, exD/K).
Word Count: 850
Rating: PG
Warning: Implied character deaths.
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] sd_twobrothers at [livejournal.com profile] softly_me's TVD ficathon. Even after the end we carry on...
Author's Note: Oh, the bleak... Title and cut text from “Carry On”, Motor Ace.

We just stare while the wheels fall off... )
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Title: As A Side Effect From This...
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy
Characters/Pairings: Alex and Meredith (mentions of past Alex/Izzie)
Word Count: 1600
Rating: PG
Summary: Arizona devises a cruel and unusual punishment for Alex. Meredith comes to his rescue.
Author's Note: Secret Santa fic for [livejournal.com profile] poisoned_candyy who wanted Meredith/+Alex with baking, midnight and snow. Trust me when I say this is as angst free as I get! Title and cut text from As Long As I Am Here, Prime Circle. Also, MANY thanks to [livejournal.com profile] rorylie. She is absolutely the only reason this exists!

Was it the way that she just knew me? )
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Title: Over And Over In My Head
Fandom: Grey's Anatomy (and Private Practice)
Characters/Pairing: Addison, Addison/Alex (implied past Alex/Izzie)
Word Count: 1525
Rating: R
Summary: Addison learns something she probably shouldn't know. A surprise reunion of sorts ends in secrets spilled over house white and tequila shots. AU future-fic.
Author's Note: Secret Santa fic for the always awesome [livejournal.com profile] sweetone41185. No Owen in sight, hun! I don't like him either!! Sorry it's not Addie/Derek... :( Title and cut text from Finally See Our Way by Art vs Science.

There is a lesson you will learn... )
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Title: Inspire In Me The Desire In Me (To Never Go Home)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Elena, Elena/Damon
Word Count: 1050
Rating: PG
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] bluesuzanne at [livejournal.com profile] softly_me's TVD Ficathon. Hey, hey, just one more and I'll walk away. All the everything you win turns to nothing today. And I forget how to move when my mouth is this dry, and my eyes are bursting hearts in a blood-stained sky. Oh it was sweet, it was wild, and oh how we...
Author's Note: This prompt, and the song it was taken from, are stunning and I only hope I've managed to do them both some semblance of justice... (Prompt lyrics, title and cut text from "Homesick", The Cure.)

So just one more, just one more go... )
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Title: Take The Plan (Spin It Sideways)
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Characters/Pairing: Katherine, Katherine/Elena
Word Count: 460
Rating: R
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] scorpiod1 at [livejournal.com profile] softly_me's TVD Ficathon Katherine/Elena - tell me something bad you've done, tell me about your ghost
Author's Note: Katherine's POV. Implied minor and major character deaths...

tell me about your ghost )
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Title: Pack My Bag To No Place
Character: Alex (Alex/Izzie)
Word Count: 2050
Rating: NC-17 (wtf?!)
Summary: My left field DREAM for the lead up to S07E08. In fact, it's SO left field, it's probably not even spoilery...
Author's Note: So, the premise of this is for [livejournal.com profile] alittlembrace_x, the pairing is for [livejournal.com profile] ovariesofsteel, because she's not talking to me at the moment and I need to FIX THAT, STAT! And finally, the tone is most definitely thanks to [livejournal.com profile] miss_blanche, and if I didn't already have a fic titled “Somewhere Along In The Bitterness” then this would have been it...!

All around this chaos and madness... )
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Title: The sound of your sorrow comes...
Characters/Pairing: April + Alex (Reed, Jackson, Meredith and Lexie)
Word Count: 5000
Rating: PG
Challenge: Big Bang for [livejournal.com profile] team_enfuego at [livejournal.com profile] shonda_land
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] summys_lj, the challenge was to use my recent April drabble as inspiration for a full fic where April and Alex become friends.
Summary: An attempt at an unravelling... April in the aftermath of the season six finale and how she develops reluctant friendships with both Alex and Meredith.
Author's Note: Title and cut text from “Paper Shoes” by Incubus.

I only apologised to you to make you feel better... )
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Title: It started when your eyes rolled back in your head...
Characters/Pairing: Alex/Mark/Lexie, Alex/Lexie, Alex/Mark, Mark/Lexie (with completely unintentional Alex/Izzie vibe-ing at the end!)
Rating: NC-17 (angsty smut that is not too explicit)
Word Count: 1700
Prompt: From [livejournal.com profile] leobrat, Tacoma | Threesome | Fingers
Summary: It started with a surgery. He'd say he was surprised by how it ended but that would be a lie...
Author's Note: Title and cut text from 'The Gap', by Birds of Tokyo.

Maybe with the lights out we can be bad... )
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Title: And you ruined me with the easiest touch...
Characters/Pairing: Alex, (with a very vague Alex/Lexie/Mark vibe that doesn't really last all that long...), also, briefly, Meredith, Teddy and Dr. Wyatt.
Word Count: 4700
Rating: R (implied violence)
Summary: A very unlikely series of events that undoubtedly didn't take place between the finale and episode one, followed by an even more unlikely series of events that undoubtedly won't take place in the episodes still to come...but, oh, how I wish they would.
Spoilers: S07E01
Author's Note: Title and cut text from the indescribably awesome “Train Wrecks”, by Birds of Tokyo. MASSIVE thank yous to [livejournal.com profile] leobrat for the beta and [livejournal.com profile] rorylie for the continual votes of confidence.

tear my world apart, now enough is enough... )
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Title: Concentrating on falling apart...
Characters/Pairings: Alex, Alex/Lexie, Alex/Meredith, Meredith/Derek, Alex/Izzie.
Word Count: 2050
Rating: R
Prompt: For [livejournal.com profile] softly_me at the Doomed Ship Ficathon. We're concentrating on falling apart. We were contenders. Now, we're throwing the fight.
Summary: Alex and Meredith and the aftermath of the season six finale. An angst ridden and entirely dysfunctional AU for season seven.
Author's Note: I feel really bad, because all I've really done here is doom them again, which is kind of ironic considering what this ficathon is attempting to do. Title, prompt and cut text by Brand New.
Spoiler Warning: One 'blink and you'll miss it' mention of a vague S07E02 moment that hasn't even been confirmed. But trust me, if you don't do spoilers, you won't notice this one.

We are the best at what we do, and these are the words you wish you wrote down )
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Title: How many songs does it take to understand...
Character/s: Puck, Finn, Quinn (hints of Puck/Quinn)
Fandom: Glee
Word Count: 2500
Rating: PG
Prompt: Anonymous, long prompt is anonymous and long. Check it out here at the glee angst meme.
Summary: Puck takes a hit on the football field. Hard. This is the aftermath. Set a little while post the most recent finale.

He doesn't see it coming. And, in the grand scheme of things, he's had worse... )
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Title: I'm empty, you're empty...
Characters/Pairing: Alex/Meredith
Word Count: 800
Rating: R
Prompt: "I'm empty, you're empty" from [livejournal.com profile] softly_me at the Small Fandoms and Rare Pairings Drabble-a-thon
Summary: Alex and Meredith count off the years that pass in the only way they know how...

They'll be closed anyway, so what does it even matter... )


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